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In this exclusive interview with URugby, Liberty All-Stars player Timmy O'Conner talks about teamwork, his favorite pizza place, and the importance of rugby as a sport. Watch more to find out about the Liberty All-Stars training.

In this exclusive interview with URugby, John talks to Liberty All-Stars players Jimmy Wolfer and Bryan Michel to get the inside scoop on how their week's going. Together, they discuss the importance of teamwork, practicing hard and learning play styles. Watch more to find out how the Liberty All-Stars plan strategy to win a rugby game.

In an exclusive interview with URugby, John Broker interviews Vahafolau "Vaha" Esikia, the Head Coach of the USA Islanders. Esikia discusses his team, the meaning behind USA Islanders, and how he chose his players.

He had an idea of non-native players to the USA, and wanted to highlight underseen rugby talent. Watch more to find out how training is and his outlook for the upcoming game.

Saracens will kick-off their preseason on Thursday when they face a USA Islanders invitational side on the island of Bermuda (kick-off 23h30 GMT – 19h30 local).

The Collegiate All-Star Rugby Cup will be LIVE on at 4:15p ET [5:15 ADT] tomorrow, August 10, 2017 or at 4:30 ET [5:30p ADT] in Bermuda. The inaugural Cup will feature an all-star team from the newly formed Liberty Rugby Conference against the Republic of Texas All-Stars.

Today's featured matchup stars Nick Dillon of the Liberty All-Stars against Tyler Hawkins of the Republic of Texas All-Stars. Dillon is from Rutgers University, while Hawkins plays for Baylor University. Both are talented players to keep an eye out for on the field this Thursday, August 10 at 5:30ADT in Bermuda or online live on

Nestled within the vibrant island oasis of Bermuda is a hidden beach called Jobson's Cove. This tiny stretch of exquisite pink sand sits surrounded by a looming rock cliff that almost completely encircles the sand, creating an idyllic lagoon. Visit Jobson's Cove if you want a secluded spot away from the city, perfect for a romantic night out or calming refuge to spend time by yourself.

Today's featured matchup stars two talented wings, Nathan Earle from the mighty Saracens against Viliami Huihui from the USA Islanders. See them on the field at the Atlantic Rugby Cup.

On August 10, the Atlantic Rugby Cup doubleheader features the Republic of Texas All-Stars vs Liberty Rugby Conference All-Stars match followed by the highly anticipated USA Islanders vs the Saracens match. Coverage begins at 4:15pm ET [5:15pm ADT] live in the Bermuda National Sports Centre and will be streamed online on

Want a luxurious beach experience with all the quintessential Bermuda touches? Surprise your expectations with Elbow Beach, which has an accompanying resort and a private/public access area.

We are officially only 5 days away from one the most anticipated rugby matches of the summer! The newly formed USA Islanders will travel to Bermuda on August 10th to take on the Saracens at the Bermuda National Sports Centre.